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Ring sponsorships are a great way to promote your business while helping to support the show! Ring sponsorships for this traditional-format show are:

  • $75 one judge (same ring — one full day)
  • $125 (same ring — two full days)
  • $75 for the Junior Exhibitors' ring - held at lunchtime on Saturday
  • $75 for Hospitality sponsorship

In exchange for your sponsorship, you will receive the following:

  • "This ring sponsored by..." credit on the ring sign
  • Listing (and link to your website) on the front page of this website
  • Free ad in show catalog (1/2 page for 1-day sponsors; full page for 2-day sponsors)
  • Acknowledgement in show catalog
  • Acknowledgement on "Our Show Sponsors" poster in show hall
Every sponsorship comes with a free business-card ad!

Be sure to email or snail-mail your ad copy to the
Sponsor Coordinator by
no later than September 29.

Please send your ad in electronic picture format
(JPG, PNG, GIF); please, no .DOC, .PUB, or .PDF files.
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