Please be sure you
fill out an entry form
for EVERY cat you're bringing — even if they won't be competing!

Cats from households with contagious or infectious illnesses within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry.
Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness, or with parasites, will be removed from the show hall.

Regular Closing
10 PM on
Monday, October 5, 2020


Please fill out the form below for each box lunch you are ordering. Lunches must be ordered in advance, by no later than 10 PM Monday, October 5, 2020.

Please order the number of lunches you want via the Summary Sheet. (If you are judging or ring clerking, the club will cover the cost of your box lunch for each full day you are judging or clerking.)
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Note: All sandwiches are made "dry" with lettuce and tomato. Mayonnaise and mustard packets will be provided.
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