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CarolsCats Alter Boys

In Honor of Community Cat Coalition

Heavenly Hairless Peterbald Cats

Heavenly Rags

Rostov Almaz Toybobs

Virginia H Harris


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CarolsCats Alter Boys



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The Evergreen Cat Fanciers

A 12-Ring Championship & Household Pet Cat Show

October 13 & 14, 2018

Ferndale Events Center - Ferndale, Washington

Exhibitors: Judging starts at 9am Saturday & Sunday
Spectators: We are open to the public from 10am-4pm Saturday & Sunday

If you'd like to attend the cat show as a spectator, visit our spectators' site.

Ring Sponsors
(Individual Rings)

Absolutely Bella (Ring 1)

BCBLUES British Shorthairs (Ring 1)

Cheshirelady Cattery (Ring 5)

Elizabeth Thompson (Ring 3)

Gaynell Gallaway (Ring 6)

Herus Abyssinians (Rings 4 & 5)

Ragalong Ragdolls (Rings 4, 5 & 6)

Raincosta Cattery (Ring 2)

Sphynxcraft (Rings 2 & 6)

Stegra (Ring 6)

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