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Carchet Chartreux

FelineCurly Selkirks

Heavenly Hairless Peterbalds

Stegra Orientals & Siamese



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Carchet Chartreux (Saturday)

SmokeyCoons Cattery

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Carolscats Alter Boys

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The Evergreen Cat Fanciers

A 2-day, 12-Ring Traditional Back-to-Back Cat Show

October 12 & 13, 2019

Ferndale Events Center - Ferndale, Washington

We are now closed to entries and other orders
(sponsorships, lunch orders, vendor reservations, etc).

If you'd like to attend the cat show as a visitor, see our visitors' site.

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Carolscats Alter Boys (2 rings)

Cascade Accounting & Tax Services (C.A.T.S.), Inc.

Daphne MacPherson
In Memory of Anna Ackerman

Heavenlyrags (2 rings)

Kamisha Bengals

Kassandra Burnham & Mackenzie Mase (2 rings)

Marina Agapov

Precious Curls

Rostov Almaz Toybobs (2 rings)

SeaCats Club (2 rings)

Surf-n-Turf Cat Club

Sphynxcraft Cats

Cascade Kaperkats

Virginia H Harris